About Cooler Concord

Cooler Concord is an ongoing program started in 2017 by the Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee (CSEC) to help Concord, Mass residents and others learn about and take advantage of energy conservation opportunities. By doing so we can save money and reduce harmful CO2 emissions.  Many of the ideas behind Cooler Concord come from the book Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low Carbon Living published by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) in 2012.

The Cooler Concord Fair held on February 4th 2017 at Concord Carlisle High School brought together around 1,000 residents and featured exhibits and workshops to highlight these ideas.  The fair was supported by the Town, the Schools and the Municipal Light Plant.

About CSECLogo for Concord CSEC

The Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee was created in 2008 to assist the Town of Concord in identifying, designing, and implementing programs and projects for fostering energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy generation in the Town and in all segments of the community.

Picture of Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee

Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee, Dec 2016

Our efforts address all forms of energy use: electricity, natural gas, heating oil, and transportation fuels.  The benefits are numerous. We can decrease energy costs, reliance on imported energy sources, and greenhouse gas emissions and related pollutants, while increasing benefits such as improved health and stimulation of local sustainable energy businesses.  Please contact us if you’d like to find out how to get involved with the committee.

About this web site

The Cooler Concord web site and newsletter (subscribe here) are CSEC efforts to reach fellow residents with information about energy conservation and related news and events.  The web site was created in 2017 with generous support from the Town.  We appreciate your visiting the web site, and hope you will share any comments or suggestions about the site or related information with us through e-mail.  You are also welcome to post your own news or make comments on other’s posts; these will be reviewed quickly and made public if clear and appropriate.