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Get Ready For HeatSmart


Great news! The Towns of Carlisle, Concord and Lincoln have been chosen by MassCEC to promote clean heating and cooling technologies in 2018 (press release). The technologies include super-efficient Air-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pumps, and renewable wood pellet heating systems, which can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money over time. Participating residents and small businesses can take advantage of significant rebates and installer discounts to make these systems affordable.

The program will take place between February and July 2018. In order to participate, homes will be required to have had a recent energy audit. Free energy audits can be arranged through one of these links:

Sign up for your audit right away!Following the energy audit, you can take advantage of generous rebates for weatherization of your home, saving considerable $$ and reducing the capacity needed for a new heating system.

The program website will be available soon here with program details. To find out more about HeatSmart, receive HeatSmart notifications, or to get involved as a volunteer, please contact the coach from your town:

  • Carlisle: Bob Zogg (
  • Concord: Brad Hubbard-Nelson (
  • Lincoln: John Snell and Belinda Gingrich (

Wonderful Air Source Heat Pumps for Hot Water

From: Lisa Fitzgibbons
Date: Sat, 6 May 2017 10:28:17 -0400
Subject: The Cool Air Source Heat Pump I found out about at the Concord Energy Fair in Feb.


Doug Sharpe asked for this information on the new heat pump water heater that Chris my husband and I had installed in our house on the Cape.

I picked up a flyer for the Accelera E model at “Cooler, Smarter Concord” fair that Doug your husband helped organize. Thought you’d be interested.

In talking to her about this she said Lis said that she really liked finding out about this product at the energy fair. A lot of contractors don’t support them though yet. She said she’s really happy with it.

Doug Sharpe