Six quick ways to beat procrastination

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today” Thomas Jefferson

You may already have great plans to reduce your own energy usage. Many of you committed to take actions at the Fair. Don’t let this critically important stuff slide off your to-do list.  Here is a no-fail action plan to GET IT DONE!

  1. Go over the actions you decided on at the Fair. If you’d like to view your own personal Points Calculator Sheet from the Fair, please reference the email sent you by in early March or click here to be sent a copy .
  2. Call now to get a free assessment of your heat pump, your heat pump hot water heater or your home’s weatherization and overall energy efficiency. Make an appointment with the company that you spoke with at the Fair, or contact us for recommendations of providers who can help.
  3. Write a fresh to-do list at the beginning of each week, keep it visible, highlight your Cooler Concord commitments!
  4. Set regular weekly reminders on your phone…nag yourself into action!
  5. Reward yourself when you get something done (“I’ll make that appointment for a Home Energy Audit, then go for a bike ride.”)
  6. Put your feet up and thank yourself for a job well done.

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