Concord Electric Mower Rebate, ends October 2nd

The Town of Concord has been offering a $100 rebate for residents who purchase an electric lawnmower in exchange for a gas powered mower.  Thanks to the success of the September 23rd Lawnmower Swap event at Concord Public Works, most of the available rebates have been taken, and the program will end soon.  If you didn’t participate in the swap event, you can still take advantage of the rebate if you act quickly, by following these steps:

  1. Download and fill out the lawnmower rebate form.  The form will be available on the web site through October 2nd.
  2. Empty your old lawnmower of gasoline, and bring it to Home Depot in Waltham, which has agreed to take them in exchange for a new electric mower, and provide you a receipt to that effect.  You can ask for Mike Aubin, the store manager, if there is any question at Customer Service.
  3. Purchase a new electric lawnmower there, which can be the EGO push or self-propelled models (for which Home Depot is offering an additional discount) or another brand if you so choose.
  4. E-mail a copy of the completed rebate form, receipt for your old lawnmower turn-in and your electric mower purchase to, or send it in the mail to Pamela Cady, Concord Municipal Light Plant, PO Box 1029, Concord, MA 01742.

Rebate applications will be accepted until October 30th, or until the total of 100 rebates have been allocated, so act quickly.