Interview: Lindsay Kafka on how and why they went solar

Bravo to those of you who have energy saving actions in the works!

The Kafkas’ Solar PV Array

We know there are lots of you out there. One such Concord family is the Kafkas. The Kafkas recently chose to take advantage of the federal and state tax credits and CMLP rebate and install solar panels on their family home.  Installing solar panels makes sense both financially and environmentally. Check out this short interview with Concord resident, Lindsay Kafka, how and why her family chose to take advantage of the excellent financial incentives available and install solar panels on their family home.

Cooler Concord: What are your reasons for switching to solar energy?

Lindsay: We want to reduce our carbon footprint and be part of the transition to renewable energy. We happen to have a perfect “solar south” roof on our house as well, so we just want to capitalize on that.  

Cooler Concord: What do you anticipate will be the benefits/savings to your family?

Lindsay:  I think the benefits will be in a reduced electricity bill, but also indirect benefits such as feeling we are taking a big step in the direction of supporting the transition of our economy to renewable energy.

Cooler Concord: What size is your system (in kW AC)?

Lindsay: 11.1 kW

Cooler Concord: Roughly how much sun does your house receive daily? (in hours)

Lindsay: On a sunny day, the part of our house where the panels will be gets a solid 8 hours (or more in the summer) of sun.

Cooler Concord: Which installer will you use and how long will installation take? 

Lindsay: We are using Direct Energy Solar.  The installation itself will take 2 days, once fully permitted etc.

Cooler Concord: What rebate will you receive from CMLP? How long do you think it will be before the installation cost (to you) is paid off and you are essentially receiving free power?

Lindsay: We expect to receive a $3,125 rebate from CMLP.  We are financing the system, so we will immediately begin receiving about $143 worth of electricity each month for a $109 monthly payment. However, if we pay that off and buy the system outright, it will pay for itself between years 6 and 7.

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