Our new heat pump

Last week we had a Carrier Infinity heat pump installed in our home, which replaced the 20 year old central A/C unit.  We got several options quoted to us by several installers, and chose the Carrier since it was the highest efficiency, with an HSPF of 13.  It was installed by Muirfield Mechanical, who did a nice job.  The compressor (shown in the picture) fit where the A/C unit was, though it is taller but pretty quiet when it is running.  The indoor unit also fit in the closet where the old air handler was, so the installation was straightforward.  The controller which replaced the thermostat connects to wi-fi so we can control the system remotely, and it can switch between the heat pump and the natural gas boiler when the temperature gets low.  For testing we set it to “heat pump only” and it heated the house just fine when it got to be as low as 17F the other night, which we were happy to see.  We hope the heat pump will lower our gas use by 60-80% in a typical winter, time will tell.

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